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March Madness & Hiring

Written by:  Tim Saumier, CEO

It’s maddening!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March is a crazy time for college basketball and my wife tells my kids that I may be difficult to communicate with given it is my favorite time of year and my favorite sport to follow. march madness4

The funny thing is its not only madness in basketball but is seems to be a crazy time for hiring right now as well. Whatever your political affiliation is, the new administration, along with many other things are driving confidence in to the markets as evidenced by the DOW crossing of 20,000 a month or so ago. I would argue that all of this is artificial but it does drive spending by consumers that drives sales by companies that drives purchasing by companies and hiring of people. It’s a cycle where capitalism is at its best.

One of the companies that the stock guru’s like to follow is Parker Hannifin Corporation based in Ohio. They make motion and control systems used in a broad set of aerospace & industrial businesses. march madness5They credit Parker’s work over the past few years in the areas of “cost containment” and putting themselves in a position to grow when the time is right. They controlled costs in the flatter season and even built a cash reserve that has allowed them to recently announce the acquisition of Clarcor (filtration manufacturer) which will drive a new revenue stream for PH. The original article can be found HERE.

Why do I share this information on Parker Hannifin and what does it have to do with Basketball? While Parker and for that matter other companies in the Industrial B2B space are seeing benefits of their hard work over the past few years, the real question is:

“Do they have the Talent to deal with the next few years as confidence (artificial or not) grows and more relevant people leave the workforce (primarily baby boomers)?”

Parker has 354 openings on their website and I’m sure this is just a fraction of what they really need. As a Industrial B2B recruiter, we had a record year last year and are on track to do it again this year. march madness3

The challenge is not finding the open orders but rather finding and convincing the talent to leave their organization for a new role.

If you are in a hiring capacity here are a four things to consider as we go further in to 2017:

  • Cost – Talent is going to cost you more – the concept of internal equity needs to be tossed out the window. It is no longer relevant.
  • Better Processes – You’re going to need to speed up the process on your side if you are the employer. The best talent has no interest in going to work for a slow moving and indecisive company.
  • Focus on your existing team – You’re going to see turnover increase (mostly voluntary) as the full-court press is coming. People that have been passed over for promotions or given measly raises are now getting called about jobs that are a step up in title, responsibility and compensation (some 20+% increases).
  • Better, not perfect – If you’re looking for the “perfect” individual with a stellar work history plan on not finding them. Stellar histories have faded in the past decade and it’s not the individual’s fault but rather the company in my opinion. We have a saying – “Don’t let perfection get in the way of getting better.”

I could go on and on but you get the point. The reality of it is it may look like good times ahead but it will be maddening to say the least in the next couple of years as companies jockey for the same Talent. It will also be fun to watch. As will be the Basketball – Enjoy.

This is just one man’s opinion. I would appreciate your feedback.  You can find me on LinkedIn and at Twitter you can find me at @timsaumierTI.  Also, you can learn more about TYGES at, on Twitter @TYGESInt, or here on our blog.

Our mission is simple:

We’re here to make good things happen to other people.


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Integrated Talent Chain….Does it exist?

Written by:  Tim Saumier, CEO TYGES International

 Almost fourteen years ago, I made the decision to leave the “fast track” at John Deere at the age of 34 and ventured out to start out my career as an entrepreneur. As I began my due diligence, the last thing I ever thought I would become is a recruiter but low and behold, I made the jump and started TYGES International in July 2002.

Needless to say I was terrified as I had never been in HR and nor had I been in Sales which ended up being an advantage in the long run. To help me deal with the emotions of walking away from the perceived security of corporate America, I prayed a lot but I also read every article I could find with a variety of topics including recruiting, sales, etc. One article stuck out to me and still stands out today. I don’t remember who wrote Closedit but the basic premise was that companies with great products, services, solutions, and with solid profit margins would go out of business at some point in the future.
Fourteen years later, I can see this becoming more and more of a reality.

Why did he say this?

The author of the article stated that companies would struggle to recruit and retain talent that they ultimately need to manage/grow the business. Companies over the last decade have truly lost sight of their greatest asset – “people” all to focus on short-term results. This has and will continue to come back and hurt companies. We’ve lost our way as company leaders.

You may argue this point but if you do believe this is a possibility within your company here’s my question for you: Do you have an Integrated Talent Chain?

Most people arehead scratcher scratching their heads right now and wondering what is an…

…Integrated Talent Chain.

With my roots being in Operations & Supply Chain, I’ve been fortunate enough to bring a different perspective to recruiting. I look at recruiting as a value stream where we bring in solid people and wrap them around solid processes. This is not a one-time thing but one where we are always trying to improve. Looking at it as a value stream, we cross over typical functional silo’s and focus on serving our customers (people & companies).

So back to my question – Do you have an Integrated Talent Chain?

Let’s start with some questions first.
1. Do you know your current inventory of Talent in your organization? people
2. Do you have a forecast of your needs in the next few years?
3. Do you have an idea of your turnover (voluntary / involuntary)?
4. Do you understand your capacity to recruit and develop talent?
5. Do you measure/rank your talent?
6. Do you have an Employment Brand (Not a product or company brand)?
7. Do you have a clear Talent Acquisition Process?
8. Do you have a clear Talent Development Process?
9. Do you have a Chief Talent Officer (CTO)..typically not an HR person but rather your best company person?
10. Does your CTO own the entire ITC and drive the Value Stream?
Most companies have fragments of the items above but very few if any have the entire ITC. The reason this is a “hot” topic right now is we are meeting with clients who clearly do not have their arms around this and are seeking our assistance to not only recruit for them but also to develop their ITC. I would appreciate your feedback and any insight you may want to add. My plan is to talk about each of these specific items over the next few months.

You can find me on LinkedIn and at Twitter you can find me at @timsaumierTI.  Also, you can learn more about TYGES at, on Twitter @TYGESInt, or here on our blog.

Our mission is simple:

We’re here to make good things happen to other people.