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Achieve Your Goals with 3 Steps

Written by:  Kraig Ware, VP of Commercial Growth

Why is it that some people just have goals and other’s obtain them?  What if their secret to success is simple?  It is…if you follow these 3 Steps.

Your goal is just a dream or vision if it isn’t written down.  A written goal is like a destination that you want to go to; but, you haven’t been there before.

The power of a writing down your goals is bigger than you think.  warningI read a great book by Tony J. Hughes called The Joshua Principle.  It cited a study from a graduation class that only 3% of students had specific written goals at graduation.  When these graduates were surveyed twenty years later, this minority (3%) made more money than the other 97% combined.

Step One is to write down your goals.  Once that is completed, two things usually happen.  One, the excitement will kick in and you will more than likely jump straight to Step Three and GO or two, you will do nothing at all.  Don’t make these mistakes. To use a driving analogy, let’s say you are in your car and you want to get to a destination that you haven’t been to before.  First, you would obtain a physical address and type it into your GPS or let Siri know where you wanted to go.  To take some words from the group Clash, “Should I STAY or should I GO now?”  What’s your answer:


So, your in your car, GPS set…what if you just sit there, engine running, with your car in park?

I realize that this doesn’t make any sense.  But seriously, have you ever had a goal that you didn’t start to do what was necessary to obtain it?  Today? 2017? 2016? 2015? 2014?   If we’re honest with ourselves, it is no different than sitting in a running car, GPS set, and our gear in park.

Everything you need, just no driver.


Why do so many people veer off the course at this point and fail to obtain their goals?

To keep with the driving analogy.  Now your car is in drive and you are making “progress” toward your destination (written goal).   Once the destination (goal) is set, your GPS or mobile device is ready to give you directions, step by step, to your set destination (goal).
car-shoulderPerhaps, your car is out of line or doesn’t have enough gas…meaning, even though you are trying to drive toward your goal, which is commendable, your car keeps wanting to veer off course or worse yet, run out of gas.  Your car needs a simple alignment and a full tank.  In our case, we might need some time to think things out, create a detailed plan, and get some help, guidance, knowledge, or other resources to keep us from veering off course and stay aligned to our goal(s).  Not only will it take less effort in the long run, it will get you there with less wear-and-tear on your car (you).

OK, so what is the Second Step?

failure-jordan2In my opinion, failure is not a bad thing, at least an effort is being made to get to your goal.  Failure is just one step towards your success.  On top of that, valuable things will be learned along the way.  I believe that we fall short of our goals because we leave out Step Two all to often.

Before you jump in the car and go, you need to do Step Two and ask yourself three questions:  #1 Why?  #2 When?  #3 How?

These three questions are vital as they fuel your passion providing motivation (WHY), set a timeline/deadline (WHEN), and create a well thought out plan and/or establish needs/resources (HOW).

Don’t miss this…Step Two is the hardest and most important step.  

Let’s keep with the driving analogy and set our destination(goal) for a new restaurant we have been wanting to try out.  How could we fail at such a simple goal?  Well…to keep things simple, perhaps you “really” aren’t hungry (WHY), or you missed your reservation time and they’re booked up when you arrive (WHEN), or you left the house without your wallet (HOW).  All three areas (questions) need to be aligned for your goal(s) to be obtained.

These tips will help you on your current journey to obtain your goals.  If you haven’t set your goals just yet, no worries.  The great thing about setting written goals, they can be set at any time.  It doesn’t have to be done when a new year arrives.  If you want to make something better or obtain something great, take these three simple steps:

Step One – Write down your goal(s).

Step Two – Ask yourself/team three questions: Why? When? How?

Step Three – Go!

One last thought…nothing great really happens by accident or is going to show up at your doorstep.  Extraordinary things, take extraordinary people, with extraordinary effort. We are all capable of being extraordinary, it’s a choice.  Bottom line…the secret to success is you.  Good luck!

I encourage your feedback and would like to connect with you on LinkedIn. You can also follow me at twitter @SKraigWare as I focus on striving for excellence within the business world and within our personal lives. Learn more about TYGES at, on Twitter @TYGESInt, or here on our blog at

Our mission is simple:

We’re here to make good things happen to other people.


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Your Greatest Asset – People?

Written by:  Tim Saumier, CEO TYGES International

My son Noah turned 6 years old in November and for as long as he could speak he has shared with us that his desire is to become a Lego designer when he grows up. Lego1I thought it would be fun and also educational to put a resume and cover letter together for him to send to the CEO of Lego – Mr. Jørgen Vig Knudstorp – who is based in Denmark.

We wrote it up, took some pictures, and had a little fun with it. We got around to mailing in December. We figured it might be a 50/50 shot that we’d get a response.

Well I got home from work on Friday and there’s a letter from Lego addressed to Noah. Given my occupation, my first thought is that it was going to be the boiler plate rejection letter that so many companies send out, so I kept my eyes on it as Noah opened the letter (just in case I needed to protect his feelings). Fortunately it was not the rejection letter. Lego LetterRather it was a personal letter that was kind, respectful, well thought out, encouraging, and provided him some inspirational motivation to continue to hone his passion & craft for Lego design.

Why do I share this with my network?

I’m an Executive Recruiter and for the most part companies throughout the globe have lost sight of how to treat their associates & potential associates. I see it every day in my role as companies pursue new talent almost from “holier than thou” approach where they perceive themselves to be better than anyone they hire or are recruiting to hire.

  • Whatever happened to humble companies who have a greater mission than only making money?
  • Whatever happened to companies that believed in taking care of their associates and their families versus chasing the quarter?
  • Whatever happened to companies who do the right thing – period?

Companies wonder why associates leave them.  The reality is there’s no loyalty. There’s no common mission with a greater purpose.

If you’re a CEO, it starts with you. You have to pave the path to a greater mission and take care of your people.

I don’t know if Lego is one of the great companies that has a greater mission and knows how to take care of its associates; but what I do know, is they are a company that knows how to treat a prospective associate who is currently 6 years old. While the CEO did not respond directly, he did send it to an assistant located in the US who did a wonderful job penning a very thoughtful letter – thank you Moira for taking time to put a smile on my son’s face.

For those companies who send the boiler plate rejection letters, maybe it is time to take a play from Lego’s playbook and learn that People are your greatest asset.

I welcome your feedback as we continue living out our mission.  You can find me on LinkedIn and at Twitter you can find me at @timsaumierTI.  Also, you can learn more about TYGES at, on Twitter @TYGESInt, or here on our blog.

Our mission is simple:

We’re here to make good things happen to other people.