WorkPlace Big Five Profile


What is WorkPlace Big Five Profile™?

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ reveals an individual’s five personality supertraits and 23 subtraits that simply and clearly explain work-related behaviors found in day-to-day encounters with coworkers, employees, managers and colleagues. Using straightforward, digestible graphs and neutral, work-centric language, the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ provides the highest level of insight to participants and organizations.

The Big Five Supertraits

Need for Stability
• The degree to which you respond to stress

• The degree to which you enjoy being in the thick of the action

• The degree to which you are open to new things

• The degree to which you submit to others

• The degree to which you push towards new goals



Our Process for Assessing Candidates:

Debrief sessions are facilitated using the video conferencing tool Zoom.