Their Story, Our Story: Bringing a Father Back to His Children

As a recruiter, I don’t just match great people to great companies; I work towards realizing the soft triggers an individual seeks in order to make a career change. Building relationships is a key part of this and understanding what really matters to an individual. I was handed a new search to work by my account executive and I realized how close the role was to Wilmington, NC.  This recalled a phone call I had with a particular individual who’s number one motivator for []

Everything Must Change: People Are Not Products

There are 8,760 hours a year. 2,190 hours per year are spent asleep (an average of 6 hours per night). 2,080 hours per year are “sold” for a paycheck (40 hours per week multiplied by 52 weeks a year). This leaves 4,490 hours to eat or play, or live beyond the boundaries of work and sleep. By these numbers almost 25% of a person’s life is spent working in order to afford the remaining 75% of their life.  People want a quality of life that suits their []

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