Practical Insight: How To Manage My Career

By Tim Saumier, President – TYGES International As the New Year is in full swing, many people take the time for personal reflection, making commitments to lose weight, change their attitude, stop wasting money, improve themselves, or change jobs. I get more calls from people regarding career advancement at the start of a new year and having had several of these conversations this year, I felt it appropriate to give my perspective. Frankly, you – and no one else – are responsible for your career. Do []

Everything Must Change: Headhunter and Unashamed

by TYGES International President, Tim Saumier Headhunter is defined as a person who identifies and approaches suitable individuals employed elsewhere to fill an open business position with their client. When I first got in this business almost 12 years ago, this was a term that I did not like nor did I respect.  It was a term to identify these annoying people that would call me at work/home to solicit me to consider an opportunity they were working on or looking for []

Everything Must Change: Beliefs Shape Actions

By Fred Liggin, Social Media Marketing Strategist Reinventing Recruiting with Resolve. This is the TYGES vision. For us, it is more than a catchphrase on our website, it is a stated picture of who we are determined to become. How will this happen? It begins with listening. During a strategic planning session we experienced two exciting days filled with honest dialogue revolving around one primary question: how can we best serve our clients and candidates? If we strive to reinvent the recruiting industry we must []

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