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Reinventing recruiting. That’s it. And if that is it, everything about recruiting must change. It must. Too much is at stake–people’s lives, families’ well-being–for us to keep doing it the same way. People are not products. Recruiting has to be more than a bottom-line number created by financial transactions.

Recruiting is about helping people find a deeper purpose in their “8 to 5” so they can live for something more than a paycheck. Recruiting is about helping people do more than make a living; it is about helping them make a life.

These ideals form a set of core beliefs that shape all we do. It is why at TYGES International we have embraced the vision that we must “reinvent recruiting with resolve.” We believe everything must change, and we intend to see it happen.

This blog was created to stir the conversation because we know that if this is to happen, it will involve more than our company. Even an award winning global recruiting firm does not have the platform to take on such a grandiose idea. But we do have a platform to get the conversation started.

On This Blog
There are four primary features to this blog:

1. Everything Must Change – this feature focuses on the recruiting industry. It will do more than critique, it will offer signposts that point the way forward.

2. Practical Insight – this feature can be passed along to anyone regardless of industry or occupation.

3. Their Story, Our Story – this feature offers real stories from real TYGES clients and demonstrates that reinventing recruiting happens one person at a time.

4. Alternative Stories of Redemption and Hope (#GivingBack) – this feature highlights many of the great causes, non-profits and philanthropies that we support. Their stories inspire us and we hope they inspire you.

So, welcome to the conversation.

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