What is your Why?

When you wake up each day, “Why” do you do what you do?  Perhaps you are retired, in the middle of your career, or a student.  No matter where you are in your life, we all have to accomplish things throughout our day.  So ask yourself:

“Why” do you do what you do?

The answer to this question is vital, as it is the “key” to your motivation to make those things around you better for everyone.  Yes, even getting your best grade on a term paper is making the world a better place and preparing you to do your part to make that happen.  Each year, TYGES International gives back to those around us in our community and world.  Sure, finding solution’s for our clients is what we do well; however, helping organizations like 3e Resoration is one of our “whys” that fuels our passions to do what we do everyday.

3e-4The 3e Restoration Process© is an inclusive, highly relational and holistic approach guided by a flexible and replicable framework that utilizes an adaptable written curriculum to encourage, equip and empower “Friends/Families in Need” toward systemic change to break the cycle of extreme poverty and homelessness through healthy relational community and God’s sufficiency. Gracious hospitality, relentless hope, compassion, listening, justice, love and friendship are the seven core values that shape all we do and guide us as we address the Five Fold Reality of Poverty and Brokenness™.  WATCH to learn more about 3e Restoration.

Organizations like 3e Restoration cannot exist without volunteers, people just like you.  Tammy Hardin, one such volunteer for 3e, was featured in a compelling news article.  CLICK HERE to Read her story.  Like, Tammy, we all have passions.  Hopefully you have discovered and embraced yours.  When your passions are embraced, your daily activities (no matter what they are) will be energized not by what you do; yet, “Why” you do what you do.

At TYGES, we help our clients every day by finding key performers to achieve their objectives within the world of Industrial Manufacturing, AeroSpace, Defense, and Health Care. That’s what we do.  Every time we have a successful placement with one of our clients, we donate $100 to 3e Restoration.  That’s “Why” we do what we do.

You can learn more about TYGES on our website www.tyges.com and stay connected with the latest industry news and resources through TYGES International’s LinkedIn group page, on Twitter, and here on our blog.

Our mission is simple:

We’re here to make good things happen to other people.




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