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The Problem With Integrity

Written by:  Ted Fletcher, Account Executive

While the author is unknown to me, you may have heard the saying “Tell a lie ONCE and all your truths become questionable.” LieEveryone has worked in environments where integrity is not highly prized in word AND deed. You may feel contaminated or complicit simply because of guilt by association. Lack of integrity is slimy and casts its practitioners in a very poor light. The problem is that integrity is inconvenient. You may not close the deal, sell the product, win the election, because of that meddlesome nine-letter word. But you’ll also feel cleaner and build a good reputation which “is worth more than fine gold.” Integrity is freeing.

The natural inclination for a person or business is to take the easier route and not operate with integrity. But honesty and integrity are intentional, akin to strengthening a muscle through exercise. It won’t get stronger if not utilized.

I work in the world of recruiting, an industry sometimes characterized by less-than-above-board practices (here’s a plug for TYGES International…if you’re in the world of Industrial Manufacturing, TYGES is a search firm you should really consider working with for many reasons, one of which is our values).

easy routeWhoever you are, you (we) will undoubtedly approach a fork in your road today and will have to make a split-second decision to either act with integrity…or not. And when we DO take the easy route, hopefully we’ll taste the bitterness and determine to take the road less traveled next time.

Integrity is by all accounts a GOOD thing. Lack of integrity is a BAD thing. I want to do business with people whom I can trust, and so do you. So, whatever our context, occupation, etc., let’s have an excellent day and take the road less traveled.

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