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Steph Curry – The Ripple Effect

Written by:  Kraig Ware, VP of Operations

steff currySteph Curry at the age of 28 has electrified crowds on and off the courts with his excellence and positive leadership. What can his actions teach us about business and our life? As a two time NBA MVP he has achieved milestones untouched by any other player.

Here are three examples:


  1. He was the first player in the history of the NBA to ever receive a unanimous vote for MVP.
  2. Offensively: He made a record 402 3-point-ers after no player had previously hit 300 in a season.
  3. Defensively: He led the NBA with 2.1 steals per game.

Curry’s Head Coach Steve Kerr stated, “this is incredibly improbable. But there’s a reason this is happening.”

What’s the reason?

When I was a kid, we used to play a game called “Rock the Pool.” diving boardPerhaps you played it as well. Basically my friends and I would line up to take our turns jumping off the diving board to make the biggest splash we could…can-openers, cannon-balls, gainers, preacher-seats, etc. Not only did this action of jumping in the pool cause a splash; eventually the entire pool (big or small) began to rock and the waves created would quite literally begin to splash over the edges of the entire pool (ripple effect). Our actions caused an effect.

Good? or Bad? In this case, I guess it would depend on rather you were the kid jumping off the board or the others who were there for the peace and tranquility a pool can offer.

No matter what we do (good or bad)…our actions will have an effect on others.        – The Ripple Effect

So, let’s look at Steph Curry’s actions and leadership. Does he have a ripple effect? There is no doubt…Here are just two examples:

First, Andre Iguodala a NBA All-Star in 2012 and listed two-times on the NBA’s All-Defensive Team revealed his admiration for Curry: “I want to be just like Steph (Curry) when I grow up — just a God-fearing man.”

Second, as a middle school head basketball coach, I utilized several of Steph Curry’s videos that captured his actions and leadership to help motivate and focus our team…here is one of their favorites WATCH. WCA - Yearbook5This team of young men had previously won 2 games their prior season and they transformed themselves into the team who won the Metro Conference Championship in electric ESPN highlight fashion. More than win on the court, they are continuing to be winners off the court, in the class room, and in the community. Who knows who will be led by their ripple effect?

Clearly, Steph Curry’s example and leadership on and off the court has inspired many. Simply put, his ripple effect.

Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character; but, if you must be without one, be without strategy. – General Norman Schwartzkop

I realize that this quote comes from a leader that has done, ordered, and witness things we will never see and his decisions were waited with the potential consequence of the ultimate sacrifice. However, his perspective in a world where “strategy” is vital, gives tremendous perspective into the value and weight of our character.

Earlier, I asked the question related to Steph Curry’s example of improbable displays of excellence, “What’s the reason?” To be honest, we all have a reason, a driving force, or a place we find our strength. We all have a source of inspiration, Steph’s is pretty amazing and here it is, Phillipians 4:13. You should look it up, as I know it will help you and your team. All of our actions are displays of our leadership (family, business, sports, community, etc). They have a ripple effect…the only question is:

Is it good or bad?

Steph Curry’s example of excellence has inspired and will continue to inspire many. If we asked him, I am sure that he was touched by someone else’s ripple effect. I hope that your actions inspire those in your circle – Your Ripple Effect.

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