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Company Culture Ain’t Rocket Science

Written by:  Ted Fletcher, Executive Recruiter

A story is told of President John F. Kennedy’s visit to NASA’s Cape Canaveral facility.Jfk  During his tour he approached a janitor and asked what his job was. The janitor replied,

“I put men on the moon.”

This is a loose retelling of that event, but the take-away is significant.  NASA had done such a fabulous job at instilling the “mission” into its employees and the value that each person had in this process, whether a janitor or an executive.

Consistent and clear communication of company values and employee importance is very simple.  Many companies don’t succeed in this endeavor simply because value isn’t intentionally communicated from the top down.

We have NO idea with whom we will interact at work today.  But we can each play a part in Help2communicating value and mission to those people.  Getting others to buy into the company’s purpose (raison d’être) can transform their own job perspective…taking it from “mundane” to “out of this world.”

Go have a great day and take others along with you.

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