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Should I use a Recruiter? (What do they do anyway?)

Written by:  Carol M. Zimmerman, Director of Healthcare Practice

You’ve probably received emails from companies, seen ads online, in print media, and/or on some sort of post on a social media platform. Perhaps you’ve thought about taking a Career Path2look around to see what other career opportunities are available to you – whether you’re looking to remain local or move cross-country. If so, what’s your first step? Do you send your resume through online portals at multiple companies? Post your resume or search on all the various job boards? Make calls? Do you even have time for all of that? What is the best route for you when searching for a new opportunity?

What about using a professional recruiter?

If you haven’t thought about this avenue before, here are just a few of the reasons using a reputable recruiter can make your job search more complete, professional, and just plain easier and more effective for you:

  • First (and maybe most importantly) there is NO charge to you.  That’s right – using a professional recruiter to represent you and introduce you to multiple job opportunities, in all the areas you may be interested in, doesn’t cost you anything. Ever. If you speak to a recruiter who asks you to pay anything, run away.
  • Privacy.  It’s daunting to throw your resume up onto online resume sites. Will your current employer find out? By using a recruiter at TYGES, you maintain control of your resume. You know you have shared it with your recruiting partner who will share it with prospective employers only with your prior approval.
  • Career Development.  At TYGES, we understand this and we take the timeNewsletter - Career Coach Button to learn about you and what you are looking for to make a change. Then, we present you with opportunities that match your skills and your needs. We genuinely want to help you get to the next step in your career plan; even if that means that you stay where you are currently employed.
  • Exclusivity.  Many times, recruiters know of positions that are not posted publicly and, even for those roles that are posted, your resume will go straight to the hiring authority (the person you will work for) along with a personal introduction from your recruiting partner. Without a recruiter, your resume will more than likely be lost in a pile on someone’s desk or within the data abyss of an applicant tracking system.
  • Insight, Resources, and Tips.  Here at TYGES, we’ll share what we can about the client and what they’re looking for before you ever have that first interview; that insight is priceless. We have many resources like resume and interviewing tips on our website that are yours to use at any time. Get Started.
  • Relocating? We can help there too by targeting companies (known or unknown to you) in your new location and professionally presenting your information. Interviews can be conducted and an offer accepted before you ever pack a box. In addition, TYGES offers free services to you such as a salary calculator (How much will I need to make in my new location?) as well as mortgage qualifiers, and even crime statistics in your new location! Check it out.

If you’re active in the job market, you’ve been thinking about taking a look around, or you just need some career coaching we can help guide you through the process. Check us out on our website at TYGES and then give us a call to answer any questions you may have about getting the most out of your career?

I encourage your feedback and would like to connect with you on LinkedIn. You can learn more about me HERE also you can follow me on twitter @CarolZTI as I focus on helping people just like you maximize their career within the world of Autism. Learn more about TYGES on our website TYGES, on Twitter @TYGESINT, or here on our blog.

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