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It’s G O time!

Written by:  Kraig Ware, VP of Operations

Setting goals are a good thing…obtaining them is an “incredible” thing.  So why is it that some people just set goals and other’s obtain them?

I would venture to say that if you are setting goals, you are obtaining them.  Stay with me…I recently read a great book by Tony J. Hughes called The Joshua Principle.  Definitely a recommended read.  It cited a study from a graduation class that only 3% of students had specific written goals at graduation and when surveyed twenty years later, this minority (3%) made more money than the other 97% combined.

If you have a list of “written” goals, most of the battle is already won.  A written goal is like a destination that you haven’t been to before.  For example:  To get to a destination that you haven’t been before by car, you would obtain the address and then perhaps type it into your GPS or let Siri know where you wanted to go.  More than likely, once the destination (goal) is set, your GPS or mobile device is ready to give you direction, step by step, to your destination (goal).

So, what if you just sit there, engine running, with your car in park?

I realize that this doesn’t make any sense and perhaps is a bit laughable.  But seriously, have you ever had a goal that you didn’t achieve or worse yet, a goal that you didn’t start to do what is necessary to obtain it?  If we’re honest with ourselves, it is no different than a programmed GPS in a running car that is in park.

Everything you need, just no driver.

To review…Step One is to write down your goals.  Once that is completed, it is time for Step Three

It’s G O a l time.

It’s GO time…to keep with the driving analogy.  Now your car is in drive and you are making “progress” toward your destination (written goal).  Perhaps, your car is out of line…meaning, even though you are driving toward your goal, your car keeps wanting to veer off course.  If that is the case, you need to take your car to a shop that can get your car realigned.  By doing so, it will take less effort to get to your destination.  Not only will it take less effort, it will get there with less wear-and-tear on your car.  Like a car, you may need to take the time to think things out or get some help, guidance, knowledge, or other resources to keep from veering off course and stay aligned to your goals.  This leads me to Step Two

Why do so many people fail to obtain their goals?

Failure is not a bad thing, at least an effort was made to get to your goal and valuable things will be learned along the way.  However, I believe that we fall short of our goals because we leave out Step Two.

Once your goals are written down for the various areas of your life, step one is complete.  Then, before GO time, you need to do Step Two and ask yourself 3 questions for each written goal.

Why? When? How?

These three questions are vital as they fuel your passion providing motivation (why), set a timeline/deadline (when), and create a well thought out plan and/or establish needs/resources (how).  Don’t miss this…this is the hardest step.  Let’s keep with the driving analogy and set our destination(goal) for a new restaurant we have been wanting to try out.  How could such a simple goal fail?  Well…to keep things simple, perhaps you “really” aren’t hungry (why), or you missed your reservation time and they’re booked up when you arrive (when), or you left the house without your wallet (how).  All three areas (questions) need to be aligned for a goal to be obtained.

Perhaps you have already set you goals for the near term…good luck, as I wish you the best to make our world a better place.  Hopefully these tips will help you along your current journey.  If you haven’t set your goals just yet, no worries.  The great thing about setting written goals, they can be set at any time.  It doesn’t have to be done when a new year arrives.  However, if we want to make something better or obtain something great, we need to establish written goals.  When we do write them down, remember to truly understand your motivation (why), set a deadline (when), and create a plan (how).  Nothing great really happens randomly, by accident, or is going to show up at your doorstep.  Extraordinary things, take extraordinary people, with extraordinary effort, and we are all capable of being extraordinary.  It’s GO time!

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