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Industrial Manufacturing Outlook

Written by: Tim Saumier, CEO TYGES International

I wanted to share something I’ve personally been following for the past couple of years and it seems to be gaining significant momentum in the industry. If you GEhaven’t heard General Electric is going all in on something they call the “Industrial Internet”. So much so, they are trying to sell off their appliance business and look to be shedding their financial businesses as well. They have and are transforming themselves in to a software development company that will control the industrial cloud – something called Predix (they created this). Take a look at this simple video on how they have been transforming themselves –GE In 2015: Transformation By The Billions

Also – if you are more curious about it – take a look at this write-up which spells out in detail where they are heading – Pushing the Boundaries of Minds & Machines

My question to you is, how are you positioning yourself & your company to be ready for this massive change? 

I welcome your feedback as we continue to make an impact in our local community and throughout the world by keeping on the forefront of our industry’s development and living out our mission.  You can find me on LinkedIn and at Twitter you can find me at @timsaumierTI.  Also, you can learn more about TYGES at, on Twitter @TYGESInt, or here on our blog.

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