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Afraid of Change?

Written by:  Ted Fletcher, Executive Recruiter

This time of year tends to promote a bit of self-introspection and Happy New Yearevaluation of goals, occupational trajectory, or even the satisfaction with one’s very career.  The following blog published earlier raises a good question, “What is your Exit Strategy?

This applies not only to a company but the people within the company.

In other words…it applies to you.

I’m so impressed (and amazed) at some people with whom I’ve spoken, finding out that they’ve changed industries within their occupation, or even changed their occupation.  In my conversations, one engineer started a brewery; another started a BBQ chain.  Another guy was lacking challenge in his current role and ripe for a change. He initiated his search, rather than letting “life” make the decision for him, and we ended up talking.  Within a few months, TYGES placed him in a role with lots of challenge and a future.  He’s now working in the area of space suit design (talk about your career getting a lift!…..).

change8And my point is….time will march on, REGARDLESS of whether you have an “exit strategy” or “next step” for yourself.  Most people are afraid of change (join the club)…but if we stay where things are familiar and tolerate the lack of satisfaction, mediocrity, etc., we will have, in effect,missed what “could have been.”

Some introspection is healthy.  If you’re in need of a change, take one or two steps toward exiting what “is” so that you can enter what “could be.”  And if you happen to be in the world of industrial manufacturing, I’d love to help you take some next steps.

I encourage your feedback and would enjoy hearing about how you embraced change. You can learn more about me at, also you can follow me on twitter @tedtcher1 as I focus on helping make good things happen to other people. Learn more about TYGES at, on Twitter @TYGESInt, or here on our blog at

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