4 Tips to Improve Your Career

Written by:  Kraig Ware, Vice President of Operations

There are a few things in life that most of us have in common. I can think of a few off the top of my head: birthdays, friends, family, goals, and well of course, Life itself. Through our lifetime a large part of our time is spent within our Career. Even though our passions and or our unique purpose in Life may may be radically different, our careers for the most part are something we all strive to improve for ourselves and for those around us. So my question for you is,

How is your Career’s Trajectory?

Ryan Rhoten A few months ago I listened to a podcast by Ryan Rhotenon on his show “The Brand New You.” He conducted an interview with a CEO named Tim Saumier. During this interview, they discussed some tips to help out with your career. Listen for yourself.

The career tips shared will help if you are just starting out in your career or if you are a seasoned pro of your industry. Here are 4 tips to help you stay on path with your career goals or what I like to refer to as your Career’s Trajectory:

Backyard Smiley1.  Keep your backyard in order. In today’s social world, your image is not just your personal “face to face” presence any longer.

Like it or not, your social presence is as vital to your success as brushing your teeth and getting dressed to impress.

Your LinkedIn profile; your website; your Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Facebook, Etc accounts; your resume; and anything “social www” is fair game. Again, like it or not, it is an image that you have. Just Google your name as a starting point.
2.  Prepare and Perfect your 30 second Elevator Pitch. No one likes to hear someone ramble for minutes or even hours about their achievements, certifications, and education. However, everyone loves to hear a quick 30 second “what makes you tick motto.” Not so much “what you do” but “WHY you do what you do.” In my opinion that is contagious, inspiring, and memorable.

3.  Be prepared to embrace the Market Place. Life is short, our careers are even shorter. Make the most of both and be prepared to follow your passions to stay on track with your personal and business goals in mind.

4.  Know and Manage your Career’s Trajectory.  Just like any plan to obtain a Help1goal, you must constantly reevaluate where you are and continue to improve yourself. Managing your Career’s Trajectory is something you should not do by yourself. To be successful and stay on track you will need mentors, coaches, accountability partners, and even professional career builders.

A word to the wise, make sure that these folks understand where you are heading and that they have your best interest as their primary concern.

A Career’s Trajectory is never stagnant or a flat-line, it is either on an upward trajectory or awoman-rock-climbing downward trajectory.  I would encourage you to:

  • Listen to this podcast
  • Read something inspirational
  • Learn something new
  • Stay focused on WHY you do what you do
  • Seek honest feedback
  • AND never ever stop helping others.

I encourage your feedback and would ask if you like what you read to please share with those you think it would impact in a positive way.  If you are are LinkedIn, let’s connect there. You can also follow me at twitter @SKraigWare as I focus on striving for excellence within the business world and within our personal lives. Learn more about TYGES at http://www.TYGES.com, on Twitter @TYGESInt, or on our blog at https://reinventingrecruiting.com/

Our mission is simple:

We’re here to make good things happen to other people.


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  1. Good points made…I appreciate big-picture perspective questions which help to align the particular details of life direction.

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