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Planning Your 2015 Strategy

By: Jonathan Bogush, Director of Connectivity

2015 is here and you must start planning your client leads generation strategy. You should be ahead of the game in your competitive niche, understanding who your potential clients are, and making sure that you have a clear picture of their biggest issues and their potential areas for growth. Knowing this about your clients will in no doubt increase your edge and boost your success rate over the next 12 months.

In the high-tech manufacturing recruiting world there are a few crucial tips to planning your client leads generation strategy:

#1 Know Your Target
Avoid falling into the trap of complacency particularly where your clients are concerned especially as change is the only constant in business, if not in life. Every year, make an effort to know your clients better – what they need and want in terms of talent, what ways you can address them with your marketing message, and what value you can bring to their organization in terms of the talent network you have access to.

Doing your market research in your particular recruiting niche will require time, energy and, in some cases, money but the rewards are well worth it. You will be in better touch with your client’s position in the market and as such increase your chances finding talent that will be a match professionally and culturally for their organization.

#2 Polish Your Story
You will be hard pressed to convert potential client leads into actual clients if your marketing message has little to no appeal to them. Keep in mind that potential clients want an engaging marketing message that displays your ability to understand who they are competitively in the markets they serve and what factors (technology or otherwise) may be driving change in their business over the next year. In addition, it is imperative to express how building a relationship with your recruiting practice will benefit them in terms of increasing the quality and speed in which they hire impactful talent.

To really polish up your story, look at your marketing materials and determine their appeal in terms of form (e.g., colors, fonts, and images) and function (i.e., service description, recruiting metrics, and overall content) for your target audience. Make the necessary changes so that your client leads will find your offer much more attractive.

#3 Personalize Your Approach
When you know who your potential clients could be, personalizing your marketing message will become a lot easier. You must layer the information in your message to show that you have experience working within their competitive landscape and have a method by which you research, source, and ultimately place individuals with their organization. Laying out your marketing message so that you establish your presence within the niche they serve and then providing rock-solid metrics and pervious scopes of your past placements will help your client leads better relate with what you can offer and in turn increase the chances they will want to work with you.

Remember that personalization also involves showing relevant content in real time. Sending an email with a PDF marketing presentation and then following up with a brief phone call and voice mail no longer cuts it. Make yourself available for your client leads, be it via online forums, mobile phone conversations, and email communication.


Senior Project Engineer with 7+ years of experience as an automotive electromechanical design engineering background willing to move the greater Detroit area – Looking for a someone to work directly with my client’s automotive OEM customer base to design electromechanical products such as switches, lead frames, plastic housings or copper terminals.

Process Engineer with 5+ years of experience working within a wire/cable manufacturing plant; must relocate to the greater Indianapolis area – Looking for an experience Process Engineer from a wire/cable manufacturing background that has a deep expertise in LEAN/Sigma practices, knowledge of extrusion, cabling, jacketing, etc.

Manufacturing Technology Engineering Manager willing to relocate to the greater Louisville, KY area – Looking for someone with a strong connector tooling and fixture design background, knowledge of designing automated assembly equipment, and serving as a global project engineer.

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