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A Time To Be Thankful: Are You Satisfied With Your Work Life (Part III)

By: Katrina Blalock – VP/GM, Aerospace / Defense Practice

How would you rate your experience when you step into the office each day? On a scale of “dreading the day” to “your friends are jealous of your career happiness,” where do you fit in?

Over the past 2 posts I have written, we have discussed being under-challenged in the workplace and being over-challenged and how these factors affect an employee’s work ethic and overall happiness. But there are many people who are satisfied in their workplace environment and are genuinely happy and love what they do. If that applies to you, if you truly enjoy your work, you should be thankful. With Thanksgiving around the corner, many people take the time to reflect on the things in life they are thankful for and, if you are one of the lucky individuals who are satisfied and content in the workplace, that is certainly something to be thankful for.

Are you appropriately challenged for your skill set and still unhappy? Do you find your work life to be mediocre? If you aren’t happy in a position that is challenging you in the right ways, it could be time to find a new line of work. On the flipside, are you a hiring manager and feel you need some fresh talent on your team? Reflection on your attitude and workplace is a big part of planning for 2015.

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