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Are You Over Worked in the Workplace? Part II

By Katrina Blalock (@katrinabti), VP/GM, Aerospace / Defense Practice

Last month, we talked about challenging your employees. This month, we will look at what happens in the over-challenging work environment. Do you find yourself saying any of the following: I’m exhausted. I’m overwhelmed. I’m over-scheduled. If so, these are sure signs that you are overworked. Obviously, there are many solutions to your situation. If you find yourself struggling to keep your head above the projects, you can keep your cool by making sure you are working as efficiently as possible. For example, prioritize your projects and daily to-do list. If you have exhausted your own time-saving capabilities, this may be the right time to add to your team. Talk to your manager about creating a new position to handle the work overflow.

As we discussed, it is important to be challenged in the workplace and have your skills properly utilized. However, there is a definitive line between utilizing an employee’s skill set and taking advantage of it. When you cross that line as an employer, you risk burning out your Help1employees by overworking them. If your job drains you again and again or your employer isn’t flexible with a solution to your overload challenge, perhaps you’re not with the right company.

Now is the time to start planning. Does this mean adding new employees? Or, does it mean finding a new position for yourself? The good news, we’re here to help.

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