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Goodbye Old School Recruiting

by Tim Saumier, President of TYGES International

Gone are the days of posting and praying. post-and-prayI get these emails from companies trying to sell me postings on their websites. Five years ago, we as a company made the decision to stop posting on the major boards like Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, TheLadders, etc. We initially had some nervous sourcers/recruiters who were concerned about their ability to generate a resume pool.

Why did we do it?

1) Our customers do it so why would we expect to get paid for this.  

If we are posting where our customers are posting we are shopping from the same pond. As we all know if someone is applying to the same job posted by two separate entities at the same time, tie goes to the customer first. The runner-up is the fastest recruiter able to get to the person, just in case the customer hasn’t already seen him or her.

2) It creates too much noise in the system.

In the past posting was a tool utilized as a part of our process but it became overwhelming and a waste of time and money. We were beginning to realize that our job is to go find talent, not wait for it to come to us. If you’re a company out there and you want to see what type of recruiter you work with, go online and see if you can find your opening posted by a recruiter. These are the “post and pray” transactional recruiters focused on volume and luck versus creation of value through the art form of headhunting.

3) You are only attracting a very small portion of the qualified market that is available.

Sure, there is a chance a qualified person will apply to the job that you’ve posted, but it is a long shot. This again is where the art form of headhunting comes in to play versus sorting through thousands of unqualified resumes that are in your email inbox.

So where does LinkedIn come in to play. They have the same features: ability to post and ability to send InMail. These are decent tools but you still have to go after people. I see people running stats on the success rates of how to write an InMail. Instead of spending so much time rewriting your email, here’s a pro tip: find out where they work, use google to find the phone number, and call them. Once you get them on the phone then truly great recruiters standout from the rest.

Happy Hunting!

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