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Challenging Your Employees

By: Katrina Blalock – Director, Aerospace / Defense Practice

Understanding the skill set of your employees and making sure your office environment is on par with that level is an excellent way to optimize your business. What happens when your employees are under-challenged? Is your bottom dollar affected by under-challenged employees? I say, Yes! What can you do as an employer to make sure you are properly challenging your employees?

As a manager, you need to learn to recognize when an employee is under-challenged. When productivity and work quality start to suffer in an individual who has greater potential, you need to learn to recognize that individual is being under-challenged and not utilized to their full potential. Many employees walk into work each day feeling expendable, as if they could be replaced at any moment. The longer these feelings linger, the more likely the individual will dread coming into work.

You know your employees are important to you and your company so make them feel that way. Personalize your daily conversations with them and get personal with acknowledging accomplishments; sometimes “Good job” just doesn’t cut it. You need to dig deeper. Recognize the work that went into completing a sale or acknowledge a previous achievement when handing out a new challenging assignment. Recognize the value of your employees’ skill sets and show them you see their potential. When a challenging assignment comes along, tell your employee that you are entrusting this project with them because of the amazing work they did on the previous project. You are revving up the challenge while also recognizing their individual talent.

Now is the time to start planning for next year. Let’s build our employees up in order to build a stronger foundation. That means recognizing the challenges our employees face; especially the under-challenged. So, encourage, praise, and challenge!

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