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What Is Trending in the Recruiting World for 2015?

By Jonathan Bogush (@jonathanbti), Director of Connectivity Practice

Feels like just yesterday I was preparing my New Year’s resolutions and planning ways in which I could actually stick to them and see them through (details on how that went will come in another blog post). As I get older, I realize that time flies and that you better keep your eyes open in order to learn from what you have experienced and to see what may lie ahead. I think this especially true as it relates to the business you are involved with.

As I look back on the year, specifically my recruiting practice here at TYGES, I am getting a good sense of the upcoming issues that will be trending in the recruiting world in 2015. From my perspective, I see three major trends that will continue to mold how the recruiting business will change and in many ways improve in the future:

1. The evolution and continual improvement of networking sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor.

There is no doubt that sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor are getting bigger and better everyday and it is apparent that companies and individuals alike have realized that these portals offer a great variety of tools to promote your brand or your employment. However, as more and more people use these sites, they will inevitably transform from a “candidate” relationship management experience to a more robust and organic “talent network” where users go beyond just passively posting about job openings or career achievements but actually create communities where business and employment leads present themselves naturally. Imagine if a site like LinkedIn gets smarter and starts more actively using the data it has access to actually start connecting companies with talent or a sales person with a customer in need? I believe this will happen in 2015 and that more big-times lie ahead for these websites.

2. The idea of Recruiters being considered “Sourcers” not Recruiters.

At TYGES, we work with highly specialized manufacturing organizations that do business on a global scale and make high-technology products with the help of professionals with distinct sets of specialized skills. As our clients continually evolve their businesses, the practice of recruiting for them becomes more and more important. Over the last year, it has become apparent that my clients want me more focused on the art of sourcing then the art of interviewing or assessment.

The highest-performing companies are now pushing more and more responsibility onto the shoulders of hiring managers such as training them how to interview and letting recruiters focus on high-powered sourcing and initial screening in order to set the stage for the introduction to the individual. From my client’s perspective, the more “assessment” they push to hiring managers the better.

At TYGES, we have specialized recruiters on specific professional functions in an attempt to hone their abilities to strategically source and attract passive individuals, often from competitors to our clients. If we have done our “sourcing” and initial screening correctly then the hiring managers play a major role in the process of assessment and interviewing and we as recruiters focus more time on building in-roads with the talent pools that our clients need.

3. Improving the individual’s experience.

The days of employers putting up hugely difficult websites to attract individuals are slowly going away. From my own experience, an employer can damage to their brand by making it impossible to apply for a job, not getting back to the individuals, or treating them poorly during the interview process.

Now, more than ever, recruiting firms like TYGES are being looked at to manage the individual’s experience and act as ambassadors for our clients in order improve the recruiting process from the individual’s perspective from the start. It is clear that when our clients streamline their websites, career web pages, and application tracking systems and allow us to introduce and then lead potential individuals to their needs we get better results. I would guess that in 2015, we see more and more companies put an onus on the practices on how their recruiting agencies handle this function.

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