Everything Must Change: Let’s Eliminate “Candidate”

By Tim Saumier, President  of TYGES International 

What is a Candidate?

Faceless-PersonIt’s a commonly used term in the recruiting industry to refer to people that are being considered/interviewing for a position with a company.  It’s a term that has been used for as long as I can remember.  This happens to be one of my pet peeves.  Why do you ask?  The reality is we are dealing with people and when we call them candidates, we depersonalize them and treat them as a product versus a person.  We forget the humanity of people.  While we consider companies as “clients” or “customers” we cannot forget that the individuals we work with day in and day out are also “clients” or “customers.”

This is why one of our core belief’s at TYGES is,

“Recruiting is an invitation business not a transaction business –  We believe in the humanity of people.  People are not products and we will build strong relationships through ongoing positive experiences.”

Yes we are hired and paid by the company, but let’s not forget the people.  Let’s treat everyone like a client or customer.  And let’s eliminate the term “candidate”.

Thanks for the support.  I welcome your feedback as we continue to make an impact in our local community and throughout the world.  You can find me on LinkedIn and at Twitter you can find me at @timsaumierTI.  Also, you can learn more about TYGES at www.TYGES.com, on Twitter @TYGESInt, or here on our blog.

Our mission is simple:

We’re here to make good things happen to other people.


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