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Ushering In the Fourth Quarter

By Katrina Blalock, Director of Aerospace / Defense Practice

It’s time to start planning. It may only be September but the fourth quarter is just around the corner. As we spend the fourth quarter wrapping up the year, we must also look to planning for the new year and hit the ground running in the first quarter.

How are you planning? Are you looking for new talent? Bringing new faces on board is a great way to kick start your business and a lot of companies start planning for new talent in the fourth quarter because it takes time to identify who and what you want in a candidate. In his article Hire the Right People, John C. Maxwell makes some excellent points on the importance of successful hiring. He writes, “More than any other factor, those closest to you will determine the level of your success. Hiring decisions, then, are the most critical choices a leader makes.” Look around you. Are the people on your team building your success? Or is it time to make some changes?

Are you planning for change? If so, please call me whether you are adding or replacing in the upcoming year.

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