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Their Story, Our Story: Bringing a Father Back to His Children

386720eAs a recruiter, I don’t just match great people to great companies; I work towards realizing the soft triggers an individual seeks in order to make a career change. Building relationships is a key part of this and understanding what really matters to an individual.

I was handed a new search to work by my account executive and I realized how close the role was to Wilmington, NC.  This recalled a phone call I had with a particular individual who’s number one motivator for making a change was location because he wanted to be closer to his young children.  He was a passive candidate and would only make a move when the role, company and location was right.  I knew that my new search was a great match as far the scope of the role was concerned; and that the company culture could be a good fit; but the location was spot on.  So guess who I contact first to share details of the opportunity to see if he would have interest?

I reached out to the individual to share the opportunity.  I told him the main reason I thought of him for this role was because of the proximity of this company to his kids.  He was touched that I actually remembered this and was definitely interested in moving forward with this opportunity. After several rounds of interviews, he was offered the role.  He has thanked me on more than one occasion for remembering the minor detail about how important it was to be closer to his family. Living within a forty-five mile radius of his kids makes all the difference and now he sees his children more than just a couple times a year.  And he is extremely happy in his new role within our client’s organization!

For us recruiting isn’t a transactional business, it is relational. We work hard to listen and protect the relational aspect to recruiting, and I love the fact that every day I can help folks improve their overall happiness and way of life. In this instance I was able to bring a father back into his children’s everyday lives.


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