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Are You In A Summer Slump?

By: Katrina Blalock, Director of the Aerospace / Defense Practice

Are you in a slump? Is your productivity suffering? Whether or not you have noticed, others certainly have. In his article 10 Excuses Unproductive People Always Use, John Brandon outlines how easy it is to identify these excuses. Here are some of those excuses that I have noticed in the workplace:

summer-slump1. I’m overworked: The really productive people don’t dwell on the problem. They just do the work.

We’re all overworked so get over it.

2. That’s not my job: Truly productive people don’t even care. They just do whatever it takes to get things done and plow ahead, analyzing the exact role definitions later.

This is an ideal employee and one of the key elements we use at TYGES to vet our candidates.

3. I’ll finish that later: The loose ends of their tasks never meet up, and stay loose. In the “picking up and setting down” process they waste time because each tasks needs a jumpstart, which uses more energy.

Stay focused. Figure out why you are procrastinating (i.e. fatigue or lack of energy or poor time management habits) and then find ways to crush the procrastination.

4. I’ll wait for the boss to tell me what to do: We all know the “get it done” crowd just figures out the problem and starts working on a task. Besides, if the boss has to explain every little detail, that’s using up valuable time anyway.

Be proactive! Now is the time to shine and show your value. Take each project or assignment and own it! Your professional growth will shine through.

5. I’m worried about my quality of work: Productive people know how to slam out good work in a constant flow of creativity and skill. They care about quality, but they also understand that being productive requires a push to finish.

This ties into the other points. You cannot waste time complaining or procrastination or waiting to be told what to do; you have to put the time in up front to make sure you produce quality results in a timely manner.

Do any of these excuses sound like you? Do you find yourself pumping out more excuses than you are productivity? Take some time to refocus yourself. Look over your career goals. Realign your daily actions with your future accomplishments. Make short-term and long-term goals and press ahead. And finally, enjoy some sunshine!

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