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Our Core Beliefs and the Speed Versus Quality Conundrum: A Connectivity Newsletter

By Jonathan Bogush (@jonathanbti), Director of Connectivity Practice

071012_0328_SpeedLimits1My experiences as a recruiter at TYGES International have led me to an understanding of the true leading metrics that drive the recruiting business – speed and quality. If I had a dollar for every time one of my clients said they wanted to fill a particular opening “yesterday” with an “A” player, I could retire. As I have seen first hand, however, placing high-quality professionals in positions that match their backgrounds takes time and painstaking attention to detail. The disconnect between the speed in which our clients need to fill a position and the time it takes to identify and build relationships with individuals that are a fit for that position is something that every recruiter faces each day. How then as recruiters do we reconcile the time it takes to find great talent? It seems obvious that embodying a recruiting methodology that ensures finding individuals who are the RIGHT fit for a particular role is more valuable then pushing through with a methodology that solely focuses on speed as opposed to quality.

At TYGES International, we have a tried-and-true set of “Core Beliefs” that we carry into every aspect of our business. Whether we are working with top-flight Fortune 500 clients to build their global talent bases or working within the industries we serve to leverage our knowledge of career preparedness and advancement to help those individuals out of work or searching for a new job.

These core beliefs – honesty, transparency, treating people with respect – are at the root of how we view recruiting and, in a sense, how we reconcile the conundrum of speed versus quality with our clients. At TYGES, recruiting is the practice of building relationships with individuals where you get to learn about their core beliefs and use that knowledge to help improve their personal and professional conditions. We believe that the individuals we recruit are not products or “walking invoices” but people with complex stories and career histories, people with personal and professional aspirations realized or not. The act of building these relationships with the talent we recruit is at the core of how we deliver “quality” to our clients. If we were to only focus on the act of placing individuals with our clients with “speed” we would be intrinsically at conflict with our core beliefs and be doing everyone we work with – client and individual – a disservice.

1369380907_40014This year alone, I can think of several instances where the process of meeting the right individual, learning about their core beliefs, and then pairing those beliefs within one of our corporate clients took nearly 5 months. If you were to look at those searches only through the metric of speed you would probably call them failures. However, each of these searches are personal career highlights because I was able to apply our core beliefs in building relationships that drastically improved the condition of someone’s life, someone who I most likely work with throughout my career as a Hiring Manager.

Long story short, it is easy in the recruiting business to put too much emphasis on the mix between the speed in which your clients want to fill their open positions and the time and attention it takes to build strong relationships with high “quality” talent. At TYGES, we use our core beliefs as a guide to delivering quality to our customers and trust that those core beliefs will enable us to build stronger and more lasting relationships at a higher speed.

Thanks for the support.  I welcome your feedback as we continue to make an impact in our local community and throughout the world.  You can find me on LinkedIn and at Twitter you can find me at @jonathanbti.  Also, you can learn more about TYGES at, on Twitter @TYGESInt, or here on our blog.

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