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Alternative Stories of Redemption and Hope: Beyond Boobs

It was fall of 2006.  A small group of young women with breast cancer came together in Williamsburg, Virginia. Their desire was simple: to be there for one another. They discovered that several of them had delayed diagnoses based upon their age (too young) or a whole host of other myths about breast cancer. It was then that Mary Beth Gibson and René Bowditch had to do something. Desperately they wanted others to take charge of their breast health and be proactive, despite the prevailing myths about breast cancer. So they began sharing with women and men, “The Things We Wished We Had Known” about breast health. Beyond Boobs! was born.

Beyond Boobs was birthed out of passion, experience and desperation in order to offer words of redemption and hope so that less and less women (and men) would suffer a late diagnosis of breast cancer. How many of us have had loved ones suffer from this terrible disease? How many of us wished we could have done something, or pointed them to others able to walk by their side in this journey for encouragement and support? This is TYGES is a grateful supporter of the cause and mission of Beyond Boobs!

20140425_132049One of the ways we are able to support this great organization is through their annual “Breast Ball” golf tournament. We had a great time and really enjoyed this life-saving event!

Through Beyond Boobs! anyone can find support groups, helpful resources, gain witty insight from the Good Health Fairy and read stirring testimonials, or receive potentially life-saving education concerning breast cancer. Please, spread the word about, bookmark their site for yourself, or support their work!

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