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Practical Insight: You don’t Have to Go All Out to Make a Difference

                                                                                  By: Caroline Mutch, Operations Administrator and Internet Researcher, Georgia Office

For months, I have been growing my hair out with the purpose of donating it and, Friday afternoon, I chopped it off and it will soon be on its way to Locks of Love. I think Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” I am not using that quote as a way to make my hair donation appear to be a grand sweeping gesture or make it out to be more than it is- which is just hair; I say this because there are many of us, me included, who feel bogged down by the feeling that we cannot accomplish the great acts of giving back that we would like to do. I once had dreams of joining the Peace Corps but life didn’t swing itself that way. Instead, I chose smaller mission trips through my church group. And now, as a working mother and wife, I find small ways to fulfill my need to give back. This time around, I chose to donate my hair to Locks of Love- an organization that makes hair pieces for underprivileged children who have experienced medical hair loss. Just because all I had to do was grow my hair didn’t mean I would take this lightly. I took vitamins daily, conditioned my hair with olive oil, and trimmed up the split ends. I wanted the hair I donated to become the best possible hair piece it could for some child somewhere.

DonationSo, go and do small things with great love.

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