Month: June 2014

Everything Must Change: People Are Not Products

There are 8,760 hours a year. 2,190 hours per year are spent asleep (an average of 6 hours per night). 2,080 hours per year are “sold” for a paycheck (40 hours per week multiplied by 52 weeks a year). This leaves 4,490 hours to eat or play, or live beyond the boundaries of work and sleep. By these numbers almost 25% of a person’s life is spent working in order to afford the remaining 75% of their life.  People want a quality of life that suits their []

Practical Insight: You don’t Have to Go All Out to Make a Difference

                                                                                  By: Caroline Mutch, Operations Administrator and Internet Researcher, Georgia Office For months, I have been growing my hair out with the purpose of donating it and, Friday afternoon, I chopped it off and it will soon be on its way to Locks []

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