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Everything Must Change: What Keeps Me Up At Night

by Tim Saumier, President of TYGES International

iStock_000016875648Small1What keeps me up at night?

There are many things in life that can keep you up at night wondering, worrying, thinking leaving you with nothing less than another night of sleeplessness. Many people worry about their jobs, businesses, money, marriages, children, and other tangible things in life.  It may sound a bit crazy but I’ve turned all of these things over to the Lord and generally speaking I don’t spend much time worrying about them.  I tend to stay the course in these areas because He is in control. But I confess, I do want to be a part of something special and leave a legacy long after I’m gone that will serve the greater good. I do not desire to be put on a pedestal. Nor do I desire great wealth. I just want to serve others and be great at what God has entrusted me with – being a husband and father, being a friend, and being a business owner.

So what keeps me up at night? It is how we at TYGES International are going to Reinvent Recruiting with Resolve. We believe this is our path, our destiny at TYGES. And all of this is grounded in a deeper conviction that keeps me up at night: I want to disrupt the Art of Recruiting.

Sure, we get accolades from our clients (both companies & individuals) about how we are different from other recruiters. Often we are told,

We do our best to close loops with everyone.

We can deliver both good & bad news.

We leave people better off after we speak to them even if we cannot help them personally.

We are honest and transparent in a business that is typically labeled as nothing but “used car sales.”

We enjoy helping & being part of our communities.

We offer a secure place to work for our associates.

illuminated bulbBut is that enough? For some, maybe it is. For us, we believe we can be better and do more. In order for us to be great we must continually challenge the status quo. Most companies that are cited as “great companies” did not become great overnight. They unwaveringly focused on providing a quality product/service and refining their processes/systems in a steady way until that momentum takes over and helps carry the business forward to it’s vision.

As our team at TYGES continues to strive toward our vision of Reinventing Recruiting with Resolve, I am excited about the promise of this vision and truly how it can be impactful to our customers, our clients, our communities, our associates, and our families.  As I aspire to walk by faith and not by sight, I am up at night excitedly thinking about this future.

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