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Everything Must Change: Beliefs Shape Actions

By Fred Liggin, Social Media Marketing Strategist

reinvent_yourselfReinventing Recruiting with Resolve. This is the TYGES vision. For us, it is more than a catchphrase on our website, it is a stated picture of who we are determined to become. How will this happen? It begins with listening.

During a strategic planning session we experienced two exciting days filled with honest dialogue revolving around one primary question: how can we best serve our clients and candidates? If we strive to reinvent the recruiting industry we must be able to tangibly answer that question. So we turned one ear out to each another and one ear out to our clients and candidates through what we call our “Voice of the Customer Surveys.” From this feedback, we learned that we must give greater attention to one significant area – Speed.  While they praised us for our Quality, they wanted it faster while maintaining our levels of Quality.  With that knowledge, we spent the next few months examining our processes, both internally and externally.

We simplified, realigned and refocused our fulfillment process.

This determined the steps that are taken from the moment we receive the order to the placement of the individual. However, streamlining our fulfillment process is only a part of what we must do if we are to serve our clients and candidates well. After all, every recruiting firm has some sort of fulfillment process. So, what will equip us to serve you better?

Conscious_Leadership_Breakfast_BriefingsWe decided that it was time to verbalize a set of core beliefs, a way of doing business that not only makes TYGES associates better recruiters and search professionals, but better human beings.

These core beliefs define why we do what we do and how we do it. Each week we recite these core beliefs together and we would like to share these beliefs with you:

  • We believe that recruiting is an information business, not a sales business. Therefore, we will be honest, transparent, and respectful.  Our expertise, industry knowledge, and commitment to confidentiality will help you make wise decisions.
  • We believe recruiting is an invitation business, not a transaction business. Therefore, we believe in the humanity of people. People are not products and we will build strong relationships through ongoing positive experiences.
  • We believe that recruiting is an innovation business, not an imitation business. Therefore, we will continually improve processes and innovate in everything we do.  We will accept nothing short of excellence.
  • We believe that recruiting is an intention business, not a passive business. Therefore, we will conduct ourselves with purpose and professionalism. Our value system will reinforce the benefits of partnering with TYGES.

Each previous year proves to be a banner year for TYGES, and for that we are grateful. But we want you to know that we are more resolved than ever to reinvent recruiting and connect great people to great companies. We will offer speed and quality as we work purposefully to help you reach your goals or make the next best hire. We will continue to grow as trusted industry experts able to inform you of the latest trends that affect your career or company. We will continue to value relationships over transactions, and not allow people to become products. We will maintain our posture of listening and orientation toward innovation. And we will not forget that the reason we celebrate each banner year as a company is because our candidates and clients trust us with their careers and business.

We’re here to make good things happen to other people.


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