Month: February 2014

Everything Must Change: Headhunter and Unashamed

by TYGES International President, Tim Saumier Headhunter is defined as a person who identifies and approaches suitable individuals employed elsewhere to fill an open business position with their client. When I first got in this business almost 12 years ago, this was a term that I did not like nor did I respect.  It was a term to identify these annoying people that would call me at work/home to solicit me to consider an opportunity they were working on or looking for []

Everything Must Change: Beliefs Shape Actions

By Fred Liggin, Social Media Marketing Strategist Reinventing Recruiting with Resolve. This is the TYGES vision. For us, it is more than a catchphrase on our website, it is a stated picture of who we are determined to become. How will this happen? It begins with listening. During a strategic planning session we experienced two exciting days filled with honest dialogue revolving around one primary question: how can we best serve our clients and candidates? If we strive to reinvent the recruiting industry we must []

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